Pearl of the Concho Writing Project

National Writing Project Affiliate at Angelo State University

Who we are?

The Pearl of the Concho Writing Project is one of 12 National Writing Project sites in Texas. Started by Dr. Cheryl Hines in 2004, the project has trained more than 60 teachers to improve writing instruction in their classrooms.
The National Writing Project network consists of nearly 200 sites in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The project provides programs to promote and improve writing and the teaching of writing. Founded in 1973, the National Writing Project is a successful education program that improves the quality of writing and learning in schools across the country through its professional development model of teachers-teaching-teachers.


This wiki contains lesson plans that have been written and presented by past writing project participants. All lesson have been peer reviewed by a panel of teacher consultants.


The following sites are links to national conference presentations that include work by Dr. Marilyn Eisenwine (PCWP Director). These lessons are not peer reviewed.